Who is sticky IT?

Consider us your "jack of all shades" - delivering up deliciously bold design fused with vibrant color and saturation.  Much like the varying hues of a spectrum, everyone is different, and we strive to craft an inspired look that suits your specific style and personality.

But, it's more than just being a pretty face.  sticky IT is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to every client - every time.

We want to be a trusted ally in your world of design, branding and web technology.

And because we have a keen ear and truly listen to our clients, we deliver the product that you really want.  To put it simply, we are good at what we do.

As a one stop shop, we can guide you through the rebranding process:  craft a logo and brand palette, design new materials and collateral, bring it to life on the web, and then set up and service all aspects of your web/email hosting needs.

We strive to make our client’s lives easier and by aligning your firm with us, you gain a partner you can trust and better yet, the gift of time! 

Let's get that time back into your hands to focus on what matters most - your business!

sticky IT is a subsidiary of EZD Consulting Inc. located at 160 Tycos Drive Suite 224 Toronto , ON M6B 1W8

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