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with so many sweet branding options, you can have it all.

your vision, created from scratch

It's very common to be unclear about what direction your brand needs to take from a visual standpoint. And we think that's A-OK.  Why should you have to do all of the footwork and then present it to a designer to run with?   Well, not here bubs.  It's OUR job to bring ... your goals to life and to create that vision - the vision that you have yet to see clearly.  By asking the right questions and truly listening to our clients throughout the process, we craft a unique identity and perspective for your new brand in a way that also achieves your goals.  Learn More »

get the total package

A logo is created - a brand is built.  A brand mandates consistency in all of your outward marketing and communication.  Each piece must work in tandem to hammer away your tone, energy, tagline, and messaging.  Whether your opt for a business card or a complete ... overhaul, we can help you achieve brand bliss! Learn More »

crafting traditional and e-materials

Growing your company requires a versatile arsenal of tools - both physically and digitally!  As technology has bridged the communication gap in business - the need for branded PDFs, interactive flipbooks and metrics has become ... a vital piece of the branding pie.  We can help you achieve an effective branding strategy by meshing the old and the new, so you can become the a lean mean branded machine! Learn More »

"There aren't enough words to describe the fabulous work done by Stefanie and the rest of the team at sticky IT. Their help has propelled my business to new heights! If you are looking for a strategic partner to more than "do a website" ... to be your partner in marketing your company via the web, then choose the folks at sticky IT!!!"
Heather Looney - Executive Search Associates

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