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Because of sticky IT’s work, in one week, my website has been recognized industry-wide among my peers and has attracted more customers to my business. I never knew what kind of impact solid marketing tools, and a new website would have in my business. Having a site that reflects my personality ... and my vision is helping to drive my business. I am writing to recommend sticky IT.  For many years our office used sticky IT for our web hosting and other technical needs.  We decided to rebrand our company, but had no idea where to start! During this process, we began to see sticky IT as more than a vendor. They became a partner in our business.  Their tremendous abilities never cease to amaze me.  There were no assumptions made during my rebranding process. Instead, I was interviewed, and included in the process of redefining our brand. Throughout the process, I had plenty of needs and requests. Sticky IT was adaptable and together we got the results I was looking for. Their uncanny ability to know what I wanted, before I even told them, made me very comfortable during this daunting project.  Sticky IT showed their flexibility by switching tactics every time I changed my mind at the last minute. Sticky IT’s team has a great connection with clients and a relentless perseverance to always make the customer happy. This became a valuable resource while rebranding my company. With sticky IT’s abilities, adaptability, and dedication; they will make a great team member for any company. Whether you’re looking for someone to host your email/website or to help take your online and social presence to the next level. I have no doubts or hesitation in recommending sticky IT for any of your technical needs and would do so in a heartbeat. You will be exceptionally pleased if you hire them. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me,  Thank you to everyone at sticky IT.  Sincerely, Elizabeth Tischer Learn More »

Elizabeth Tischer - Duet Recruiting

I am happy to report that since sticky IT completed our new website we have received multiple compliments from our clients. We have heard accolades that our new website is easy to navigate, fresh, modern and helpful to our customers. Many of our clients have told us our website is the best they have ... seen. Thank you to sticky IT for helping us stay current with technology and project the best market image. Learn More »

Rick Sinay - Davalyn Corporation

You and your team absolutely do deliver a beautiful, high-quality product!  And….You have the BEST Customer Service around. ... Learn More »

Alan Bauer - Bauer Consulting Group

"There aren't enough words to describe the fabulous work done by Stefanie and the rest of the team at sticky IT. Their help has propelled my business to new heights! If you are looking for a strategic partner to more than "do a website" ... to be your partner in marketing your company via the web, then ... choose the folks at sticky IT!!!" Learn More »

Heather Looney - Executive Search Associates

 I originally chose Sticky IT from several providers because they looked to have the most appealing and stylish design. I was also very pleased to find out that the service and delivery is excellent. Working with Chauncey was a pleasure and we had a good laugh at times. We re-ran over a number ... of aspects of design, copy and functionality. No challenge was too much. Feel free to contact me for a reference and I would definitely recommend Chauncey and Sticky IT. Learn More »

Mark Masson - Richard Marks Recruitment

Stefanie is a very talented, creative and customer service friendly person. Her company, along with partner, Chauncey, has exceeded our expectations on developing our website and helping us rebrand our company. I would highly recommend using their services if in need of a new website or updating your ... old one."  Learn More »

Fern Klein - Klein Hersh International

"Stef, Chauncey and everyone at sticky IT have been so much more than a "vendor". We have a collaborative relationship. They help come up with solutions so I involve them early and often when I am developing any ideas involving our website, email, or the World Wide Web as a whole. They are extremely ... knowledgeable and creative!" Learn More »

Carol Koegel - JRP Group

"Stefanie and Chauncey make a great team at sticky IT. They were persistent in pursuing our business and found a way to make it affordable for us. We are extremely pleased with the end result. We were able to combine our ideas with their expert opinions and come up with what we feel is a current and ... user-friendly website. They listened to our wants and needs and came up with wonderful solutions and ideas. I would recommend sticky IT to anyone who is looking for a forward-thinking and considerate firm with their expertise in web design." Learn More »

Stacy Ethun - Park Avenue Group

"We love you guys! Thank you for our new website. We love it. You did a remarkable job in representing us as a business. Sticky IT is "one stop shopping" as far as web work. From your hosting/website work/email & server operations/tech support/art design, we do not have to hassle with many different ... vendors. Your wonderful personalities make working with you all the more fun!" Learn More »

Jeff Rives - Management Recruiters of Chapel Hill

"We have been very pleased with sticky IT, Chauncey and Stefanie, and the great work they have done for us. Whatever we need, they have completed quickly and with a flair that fits our office and our culture. They were also willing to deal with my need for perfection and indecision with empathy and support. ... You cannot go wrong choosing sticky IT to develop and maintain your website." Learn More »

Judy Daugherty - Parkwood International

"sticky IT did an outstanding job on our website:  Their collaborative approach shares ideas and responsibilities that result in a great product in an efficient timeframe. Their experience comes through immediately which creates confidence in their ability and dedication ... to getting a job done well. One of the most important factors in my opinion in delivering a service like website development must be "listening." By truly listening to their clients, sticky IT is able to deliver a product that defines their client's products, services, and personality. It doesn't hurt that Chauncey and Stefanie also have great personalities, are extremely accommodating, and are clearly focused on providing their clients a delightful experience. We look forward to working with them again." Learn More »

Jeremy Vanselous - searchWorks Group

 "I thoroughly enjoyed working with Stefanie and Chauncey and the whole sticky IT team. They were very easy to work with and exceeded our expectations every step of the way. I have since recommended sticky IT to many other office owners and will continue to do so." ... Learn More »

Analisa Blakely - The Judson Group

"In the past I have been involved with web designers who built two different web sites for me.  I can tell you that it was a most difficult experience each time.  At the end of the experience I was not satisfied but accepted the work because so much time and effort had been expended.  ... So, when you asked me if I wanted to build a new web site for my search firm I was not very excited about the idea.  I want to let you know that after having gone through the experience with you, I can not believe how easy it was and you and your staff were totally professional. From start to finish, you met every time line and you keep me totally informed as to the progress.  At the beginning we had a conversation and you asked penetrating questions to get an idea of what concepts and functions I wanted to accomplish with my site. You hit the target and captured everything that we discussed.  From my perspective, we accomplished all that we set out to accomplish and in very reasonable time frame.Without hesitation, I can recommend sticky IT to anyone wanting to have a first class web site built by professionals who know their business.   sticky IT delivers what they promise - that is a rare thing today!  Job well done!" Learn More »

Naaman Clonch - Clonch & Associates

"sticky IT has an exceptional ability to understand what we were envisioning when we described our desires for our web site and were able, based upon our general descriptions, to put what we had envisioned into reality." ... Learn More »

John Pinkerton - Ascent Executive Search

"Sticky IT delivers value, creativity and results. We struggled with web design for over a year. Once we engaged sticky IT, they quickly LED us through a very creative process where they developed our brand, our web presence and our marketing collateral -- all original creations custom to our business. ... Initially we were skeptical that they could create a web design and materials that would bring our individual ideals together into an end result that we did not have clearly defined in our minds. Not only did they help us get clear about what to create, but they gave us options that were at times hard to choose from because they were all so good. sticky IT drives the process, maintains commitments and delivers. In the end, we have a one of a kind solution that is perfect for us. Chauncey and Stef truly exceeded all of our expectations. We could not be more thrilled." Learn More »

Curt Cetraro - ConnectPoint Search Group

"I want to take a moment to tell you how pleased I am with the service and support I've received from sticky IT since I converted to your support two months ago. I first heard accolades about your company from various attendees of the MRINetwork Global Meeting in September. I first thought it was a lot ... of overblown hype. Over the next couple of months, your company name kept surfacing as a “go to” company for branding, email and web hosting, and other services. It was at that time I initiated my call to you.I will say you blew me away with your responsiveness, follow through, completeness, and dedication to the satisfaction of your clients. Your products are great and the speed with which you were able to implement them were beyond my expectations and anything I had experienced before.I would be pleased to tout your services to anyone looking for a fresh way to be serviced." Learn More »

Gerry Cromwell - The Cromwell Group

"The sticky IT group has done a wonderful job for our company and I highly recommend them." ... Learn More »

Claudia Judson - The Judson Group

"Within 2 weeks of launching our new website a client company contacted us because they saw our press release on the new design. We obviously got their attention. The result is that we have taken 6 search assignments within 5 weeks and have already placed 2 candidates with the company. We have already ... billed over $25,000 in fees as a result of this client. sticky IT created a remarkable property that attracted the attention of our industry!" Learn More »

Gerald Mitchell - Retail Search Group

"Hi guys! I just wanted to let you know that just about every person I speak to who visits my site compliments me on how great it is! They love the dark colors, the images and mostly - the fact that it's easy to navigate and not filled with BS!  Many people also mention the pinking shears effect ... (good call, Chauncey!). I am really very proud of it and just wanted to say thanks again!" Learn More »

MaryJane Sheppard - Fashion Search Group

"sticky IT has provided our homepage and mail hosting services for over 5 years, and not once have they let us down. We have not been a major customer, but they treat us like one. I know firsthand their expertise supporting professional recruiting firms, and suspect that knowledge is valuable to other ... industries (not only hosting and enhancing web presence, BlackBerry, etc). No trust problems or security issues... sticky IT is just plain good." Learn More »

JD Liles - Management Recruiters of Emerald

"I wanted to take this moment to thank you for designing such a creative and appealing website for my firm. We’ve gotten great feedback from everyone who has seen it! As you know, I was considering changing my site for over a year with the goal of using our website as a marketing tool for new business. ... It was important for me to maintain my MRI identity while expressing something fresh and creative at the same time. I wanted to make the upgrade to our site but I always felt limited to the same old standard designs. As soon as we started working together, it seemed as if you knew exactly what I was looking for. You designed a site that we are proud to use as our calling card. Our site has an emphasis on our MRI affiliation while also giving it an identity of its own. You were a real professional and an absolute pleasure to work during the entire process. I’m looking forward to working with you for our future website and email hosting needs." Learn More »

Steve Wallach - Management Recruiters of Ocean

"We have been using Sticky IT since 2005 for our website design and hosting, as well as email. Stefanie and Chauncey have been terrific to work with, and I would highly recommend them." ... Learn More »

Rob Merkle - Management Recruiters of Westport

"Getting rave reviews from candidates on the website – in fact had several decent candidates that reached out unsolicited purely by how impressed they were with the site and how it gave them a strong feeling of credibility and professionalism. One guy mentioned “Your site is way beyond that ... of your competitors..”Thanks for the great work – and you know I will be referring people to you in the future…" Learn More »

Shawn O'Rourke - Ingeniquest

"On behalf of MRI Person County, I’m pleased to announce that we just made a placement valued at $31,500. We are even more excited about this placement because the candidate located the position and applied directly through our MRI Person County website. This application, as well as other extremely ... favorable comments that we have received, clearly demonstrates that the decision to move to sticky IT for providing our website was long overdue. Your customer service skills and professionalism in providing technical support made the transition to sticky IT seem easy. We found ourselves asking why we did not make the move sooner. The technical support and ease in using the website has provided MRI Person County with an edge above our competitors and that edge is the reason for our continued success! We appreciate all that you do in support of our mission at MRI Person County. We are extremely excited to see what opportunities your professionalism and talents, displayed through our site, will deliver in the future." Learn More »

Kim Thomas - Management Recruiters of Person County

"The sticky IT team has consistently proven themselves capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound AND being faster than a speeding bullet! Seriously, Stefanie and Chauncey Archer have earned their staus as our “go to” designers and web team. First, Chauncey built a beautiful new ... website for our established recruiting firm, giving us just the right feel for our business. Second, when the time came to revamp our logo, Stefanie created a family of world class logos for us – suitable for use on the web, in print and on business gifts like golf balls. Third, when the time came for business cards, Stefanie created some of the sharpest cards I have ever seen; she created cards that clients will remember – cards that we are proud to give to people. Both Stefanie and Chauncey have been absolute delights to work with; they are responsive, thoughtful, personable and fast!" Learn More »

Rich Bradfield - Management Recruiters of Boulder

"I used sticky IT to create our website and provide us with a logo and brand identity. They did a great job ( in creating a different approach and presentation for our services. The graphics, content and attention to detail are excellent. They help us stand out in a crowded, competitive ... environement. I highly recommend using their services." Learn More »

Paul Hales - Meridian Group

"sticky IT developed our URL, they are awesome.  I could not make a stronger recommendation." ... Learn More »

Brian Mitchell - GM Ryan International

"We think that we have created something, special, powerful and unique.  The new site should drive new business and will grow as we grow the organization.Thanks to sticky IT, they have really become valued partners to UHC, Chauncey and Stefanie have helped us change the face of our company and they ... did an excellent job!" Learn More »

Joel Slenning - UHCsolutions

"It is rare that I find a company that is such a pleasure to work with. I think you can read minds because I ended up with EXACTLY what I wanted.  A fantastic, modern website that we are extremely proud of. Thank you for being professional but never boring!  You guys are AWESOME!" ... Learn More »

Michele Bautista - Access Eye Centers

"Sticky IT has been one of our top service providers for several years and has provided our firm with excellent service and quality work." ... Learn More »

Jim Avagliano - Management Recruiters of Saddle River

"sticky IT provided and are providing a great website for our organization. It is always a pleasure to work with and talk to them." ... Learn More »

Yona Bar-Zeev - Relay For Life

"When I founded my own consulting firm, I needed a strong brand that not only represented my business appropriately but one that would also appeal to my discriminating executive clientele. Sticky IT was highly recommended to me by another successful business owner and I soon learned why. Sticky took ... the time to get to know me and to understand my business vision, my clientele and my market niche so that they could develop a unique and customized brand for Venture Savvy Consulting Group. They were not only a pleasure to work with, but they also offered outstanding guidance along the way for developing powerful collateral materials for business development. Sticky IT helped me to bring my vision into reality in a very tangible way. I have been thrilled with the brand they developed for me as well as their exemplary and expedient customer service. Sticky continues to be a valuable partner and resource to my firm. In fact, I frequently recommend them to my own clientele because I know they will prove to be a valuable resource to their companies as well." Learn More »

Rebecca Bottorff - Venture Savvy Consulting

"The service that I receive from sticky IT is excellent. I sit down with Chauncey and Stefanie, discuss my vision, and the best web solutions for my business. They offer suggestions and take notes on what is to be done. We make checks and adjustments throughout to ensure that the site they deliver is ... the way I want it to be. I am very happy with my site and the work done by sticky IT.  It is a powerful asset for my business. I recommend them to my customers, clients, and friends." Learn More »

Kenneth Fisher - The Real Southeast NC

"My initial discussions with sticky IT was to re-vamp my existing website. After several discussions, it was decided to start fresh with a completely new site . My previous web designer had made so many changes that the site looked as if it had been designed by 15 different people, and it probably was.  ... Chauncey & Stefanie proposed a prototype for my approval. It was unique; it targeted my market, and above all, was easy to navigate. After some minor tweaking, we were off and running. I couldn't be more pleased. We continue to receive excellent comments from our clients.  We market to very high-end clientele where the average sale ranging between $30,000 to $100,000 plus. With this in mind, our site needs to be professional, classy and to-the-point. Sticky IT came through with flying colors. I can truthfully say that I am stuck on sticky! Learn More »

Dennis Smith - Sea Coast Window & Door

"As a business owner who stays busy, I need backing. I need help. I need the truth. Period. I have worked with a number of e-commerce solution companies that have created more problems than solutions. Before I arrived at sticky IT, I was promised to have proper ownership over my domain name, promised ... solutions that are vitally important to my e-commerce success, attention to my site that is simply never administered. Then I came to sticky IT. Working with Chauncey and Stef has been a pleasure; work finished without asking twice, professional approaches to problems, professional results to solutions, and sticky IT is the first web company I have ever worked with that actually made sure I owned my name instead of their company. Trust is important in today’s business world. Trust in those with technology solutions … it's the lifeline, and a common denominator, in today’s business success stories. sticky IT provides that for me." Learn More »

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