How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Business?

The power of social media can never be undermined in the age that we are living in. From people posting pictures of every meal they eat to any new endeavors that they have taken up – it is something that is trending and is here to stay.

With social media expanding majorly, so are new apps making their way into people’s lives. But, why is Facebook so hyped up? Why doesn’t any other social media app doing the same networking as Facebook is? Let’s explore more:

Why is Facebook a Hub for Networking?

From creating groups to posting things as your status, your approach to marketing can be as creative as it gets. For instance, you want people to spread the word about a new venture you’ve taken up. Gone are the days where word of mouth was a thing, and was reliable.

So, about your new venture, you can first start off by posting it as your status, giving a brief of what your venture is all about and sharing it amongst your friends. Now, this move will give your Facebook friends an update on what you are doing.

You could create a page for your new venture and share a few snazzy pictures – you can even use the trending hashtags so that people can relate to what they’re seeing.

You could ask your friends to share this page for your new venture – this way you are not limiting your circle to only your friends, but expanding to friends of friends. This could be considered promotion of the business on a minuscule level. But what you are really doing is spreading the idea of your new venture around.

Connections are Everything

Networking is key to get the word out there – and we mean it. It is imperative to make those meaningful connections with people to bolster the growth of your business. Let’s get to the facts – over two billion people use Facebook every month. With such high numbers as Facebook users, it becomes a lot easier to connect.

For every minute an average American spends on his/her phone, he/she is using either Instagram or Facebook. What better way exists than to use Facebook’s very own messenger to connect? With seamless communication with the right people, you will see your new venture booming into business.

Literally, everyone has the messenger installed on their phones. You can take advantage of this to maneuver your business in the right way. And it works the other way around too.


For instance, if your friend’s friend is interested in knowing more about this new venture, then all he/she has to do is ping on you on Facebook – that really is a start!

About Facebook Ads

With advertising on Facebook, what you need to consider is the people that you want to connect with are right there. Facebook offers a wide audience where you can relay the message and communicate with the right audience by capturing their attention in a way that might perk their ears up.

You can find your audience easily. What we mean is, you can cherry-pick your audience based on demographics, behaviors and contact information. This way you can easily know if your information is making the right impact or not. You can then improvise on your technique and methods to appeal to your audience in a better way.

Now that you have found your target audience, how do you keep them hooked? The hook is essential. Imagine if some content that you are interested in is available on the Internet, but it is presented in a drab or haphazard manner.

Would you still read the content with the same amount of enthusiasm as you had when you started off? We’d like to think not. So, to address such issues, Facebook ad formats are not only eye-catching, but they are also flexible and versatile. What we mean by this is that these engaging ads work on virtually every device and connection speed.

And, the best part? You can measure your results against what you started. You can use various ad reporting tools that Facebook has to see how the ads have made an impact. The reports for these ads are reader-friendly – the reports are visual and easily understandable at a glance. So, essentially, this platform makes it easier for you to know where you started off and where you stand currently – gives you a comprehensive analytics data of your page.

We’d consider such promotion and branding not only cost-effective, but also result driven. If you think that something is not working out in the right way, you can always tweak how you are promoting your business in a way to entice your target audience. You can always have break points in between to measure the impact so far.

Promote Virtually Everything

The traditional and conventional word-of-mouth does work when the audience is limited to a close circle. But, if you are aiming for promoting your business in a faster way, then you need to put your new venture out there and sell it in a way that tempts your audience.

And, this concept does not have to be limited to just a new business or a venture. It could be for selling your used stuff or even procuring what you are looking for.

So, don’t limit Facebook to just chat with your best buddies. Go on, and explore the world of Facebook in a way to give your new venture a definition.

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