Why the spider?

This is a question we get from time to time. Setting ourselves out there as “branding experts” its helpful to understand the process and thought put behind a brand. What better way to do that, then to tell you how we came up with our own!

As a company, we want to provide world-class service with a down-to-earth and fresh spirit.

We want to be unique. Bold. Fun. Friendly. Approachable. We want to embody all of those things as an organization, and have our clients walk away from the experience with a smile. This is the backbone of our brand. It IS our company. And we needed a way to translate that into a physical medium.

Well … starting off as a web company, we wanted to set ourselves apart from the typical tech firm. You know the type – robotic, overly techie, impersonal, cold, and arrogant. To be honest, we wanted to embody the antithesis of those companies.

We wanted spunk and personality, and our little “spidy” knows how to doll it out!

The spider grew out of the idea of the web itself. Being an internet based company, we needed to put a face on the web. What better way to do so than to use a spider? But not a scary, gross, ugly spider; we wanted a friendly, spunky spider. Lime green is a fresh approachable color that feels friendly and modern – so we opted for that as our primary brand shade. The simple lines and shapes were used in the spider to convey the simplicity and ease we love to deliver to our clients.

As for the name itself … what do you think of when you think of a spider web? Typically they are sticky, right? Well the sticky adjective is not only relevant to the icon itself, but it also correlates to the web term “sticky.”

A sticky site is one that people love to come back to and resonates with the site’s viewers. It just sticks! The “IT” aspect relates to our industry and helps ground our brand into what we do in the information technology arena.

Roll all of this together and you have – well … us!