A Digital Agency Focused On Recruitment Agencies

A Digital Agency Focused On Recruitment Agencies

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  • It is rare that I find a company that is such a pleasure to work with. I think you can read minds because I ended up with EXACTLY what I wanted. A fantastic, modern website that we are extremely proud of. Thank you for being professional but never boring! You guys are AWESOME!.

    Michele Bautista – Access Eye Centers

  • We think that we have created something, special, powerful and unique. The new site should drive new business and will grow as we grow the organization. Thanks to sticky IT, they have really become valued partners to UHC, they have helped us change the face of our company and they did an excellent job!.

    Joel Slenning – UHCsolutions

  • Sticky IT developed our URL, they are awesome. I could not make a stronger recommendation.

    Brian Mitchell – GM Ryan International

  • I used sticky IT to create our website and provide us with a logo and brand identity. They did a great job (www.themeridiangp.com) in creating a different approach and presentation for our services. The graphics, content and attention to detail are excellent. They help us stand out in a crowded, competitive environement. I highly recommend using their services.

    Paul Hales – Meridian Group

  • Getting rave reviews from candidates on the website – in fact had several decent candidates that reached out unsolicited purely by how impressed they were with the site and how it gave them a strong feeling of credibility and professionalism. One guy mentioned “Your site is way beyond that of your competitors..”Thanks for the great work – and you know I will be referring people to you in the future.

    Shawn O’Rourke – Ingeniquest

Client Testimonials

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Getting online is easy. Succeeding online is a different story. You’ll need more than just a beautiful
website to stand out these days. Online marketing solutions. Conversion-based web design coupled with a lead generating marketing plan, your online success is inevitable.


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Smart, responsive web design customized to your business niche and your personal needs. Our financial website designs are the industry’s gold standard. Let our design knowledge and expertise work for you. Book a consultation today.


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sticky IT websites are flexible, versatile and powerful. Our team of programmers have developed a variety of amazing tools perfect for the ever-evolving financial industry. Customized tooling and features are also available. We build the sites that will build your business.


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Digital marketing is an essential tool for business growth. sticky IT’s MBA-led team provides clear marketing strategies curtailed to your business needs and goals. Our specialized knowledge will turn your website into a tool that boosts your exposure and your profits.


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